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Concrete Floor Services Philadelphia

Concrete Repair Philadelphia

Are you running a busy commercial or industrial facility in Philly? Is the floor in your warehouse, logistical center or driveway started to show signs of cracking?

To ensure the smooth operation of your facility and prevent costly replacements of your concrete floors, concrete repair is the way to save you time and money.

When the gaps in-between your unsealed concrete floors start cracking, they can cause damage to forklifts or manufacturing equipment, injuries to personnel and water damage to the concrete joints.

When concrete cracks are left untreated, they can grow bigger under the pressure of heavy vehicles and result in having to replace your entire concrete floors and expensive business closures.

To prevent all of these and save you time and money, at CPR Epoxy we offer concrete repairs and restoration to any properties in Philadelphia - commercial, residential or industrial. We use the latest techniques and equipment to fix, level, seal, and protect your concrete from damage.

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Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Concrete repair Process

No matter whether your Philadelphia concrete floor was damaged by heavy forklifts, rusting rebar, or the weather, at CPR Epoxy, we guarantee we have the right solution for you and your concrete slab.

Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Cut and jackhammer

We start by cutting out the defective concrete and jackhammering and removing the loose concrete parts.

Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Prime it

We prime the hole to create a strong bond to the concrete. It is like super glue for concrete.

Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Patch It

When we finish priming the area, we mix and apply or epoxy sand mixture. Then, we apply it to the concrete repair to create a leveled and smooth surface ready for sealing.

Philadelphia Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding Philadelphia

Are you looking to install new flooring in your Philly's property, but your current concrete floors have an traces of an old paint, glue, mastic or latex or a too uneven for your new flooring?

Any new flooring that needs to be glued or painted over the concrete, requires a clean non-contaminated surfaces for the glue or coating to bond with the concrete. For hardwood floors even and smooth surface is paramount for the longevity and durability of your new hardwood flooring.

At CPR Epoxy we have the right solution for you to make sure your new flooring is installed properly and not destined to fail in few short years.

With our mechanical concrete grinding service, we can remove quick and efficient any traces of old floor paints, glues, mastic or latex and create a clean, even and smooth surface, ready to install your new flooring. Together with our industrial grade vacuum cleaners we will leave your floors and property free of dust and dirt.

We can grind and structurally sound concrete floors in Philadelphia, no matter the size, condition or location.

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Our other concrete floor finishes

Concrete sealing is not what you are looking for?
We offer a range of decorative epoxy flooring, polished concrete and concrete repair services.

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