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Are you wondering how to preserve the natural look of your unsealed concrete floors that are starting to show signs of wear and tear?

Even though concrete floors on their own are very durable, due to their porosity when left unsealed they are prone to damage, cracking and corrosion due to water soaking thought the poros.

To protect your Philadelphia concrete floors and preserve their natural beauty, they should be sealed with protective coatings.

At CPR Epoxy we offer concrete sealing with clear polyurethane UV protective coatings, that will not only protect your floors from stains and damage, but enhance their natural look with a minimalistic and modern finish with an industrial and rustic vibe.

Our concrete sealing service is ideal for Philadelphia's residential, commercial and industrial properties such as garages, warehouses, bars, logistical centers, offices, retail shops, restaurants, industrial facilities and more.

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Concrete Grind And Seal

Concrete Sealing Benefits

Durable & Long-Lasting

Our clear polyaspartic coatings are designed to withstand chipping, scratching and other types of damage and wear. As our concrete sealers penetrate the surface, they wear away only when the concrete surface wears away, anything between 5-10 years, depending on the floor use.

Concrete Dusting

Unsealed concrete is porous, and when it starts to wear and tear, fine concrete dust will start appearing on the floor and the corners of the room. This is concrete dusting, can be harmful to people's health and to delicate machinery and equipment. Concrete sealing prevents this by protecting the concrete from wear, tear and damage.

Easy To Clean

With its smooth surface, dust, dirt, stains, or allergens will not get trapped in the floor, making it easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping or floor scrubber depending on the floor size.

Water tight

Water and moisture are common issues in unsealed porous concrete floors, especially in basements, garages, entryways and foyers. Our concrete sealers close all of the concrete pores, making it impervious to water and liquids and protecting your concrete joints from corrosion


Using a concrete sealer can preserve the natural appearance of your concrete at a reasonable cost. It features a clean, modern, and rustic surface that can look fantastic in any Philadelphia residential, commercial, or industrial location. It comes in gloss, satin or matt finish.

Concrete Sealing Process

Concrete grind and seal is an indigenous and affordable way to make your concrete floors look and feel new again. Any structurally sound concrete floor whether new or old can be sealed.

Concrete Grinding In Philadelphia

Grind it

We start by mechanically grinding the top layer of the concrete to remove any traces of old coatings, floor paint, dirt, oils and stains. We also aim to open the concrete pores and achieve correct profiling.

Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Repair it

Once the concrete is back to a clean canvas, we repair any cracks, holes and imperfection on the floor. Some of these repairs might be visible once the floor has been sealed. But don't worry they add extra charm to it.

Concrete Sealing In Philadelphia

Seal It

When we are happy with the look of the concrete, we move to seal it with a protective UV stable polyaspartic top coat. The top coat protects the floor from damage, stains, wear, liquids and discoloration.

Our other concrete floor finishes

Concrete sealing is not what you are looking for?
We offer a range of decorative epoxy flooring, polished concrete and concrete repair services.

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