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Philadelphia Concrete Polishing

Concrete is the foundation of every Philadelphia warehouse, industrial, commercial or retail building. Concrete is resilient on its own, but it is still vulnerable to cracking and chipping, creating a dangerous floor for your clients, staff, and machinery.

Because of this, polished concrete, a previously unknown flooring option, has taken Philadelphia by storm.

Polished concrete offers high-quality, durable and moisture-controlled industrial, commercial and warehouse flooring. It can improve appearance and workplace efficiency while allowing your employees and customers firm footing.

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Philadelphia Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Benefits

Decorative polished concrete floors have a number of benefits that other types of flooring cannot match, especially in terms of toughness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Concrete is strong, as we all know, which is why we use it in every structure. However, over time, regular use can cause damage.
When polishing your concrete floors, CPR Epoxy uses concrete hardener. It increases the concrete slab's durability and reduces damage.
Additionally, unlike other flooring options, the concrete floors are an integral part of your building and won't need to be replaced.

Concrete Dusting

Have you noticed the fine dust that is constantly present in your industrial property or warehouse?
This most likely came from the porous, unsealed concrete floor. This fine dust develops due to floor wear and tear and the deterioration of the concrete.
This dust can be bothersome in addition to damaging delicate goods, equipment and posing a health risk to your staff.
By polishing your floors, you may extend the life of your flooring, minimize dusting, wear and tear, and lower the health hazards of breathing in concrete dust.

Easy To Clean

If you manage a busy restaurant, retail store, or warehouse, you need a floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic, forklift trucks, and stains from oil and chemical spills.
Polished concrete is capable of all that and more because of its smooth, glass-like surface. Not only will it safeguard your flooring and prevent damage, but it won't collect dust, filth, or allergens, making cleanup a breeze.
Additionally, with the accompanying effort, costs, and time, waxes and coatings are not required with polished concrete.

Improves Ambient Lighting

Polished concrete is the way to go if you want to give the impression that your Philadelphia restaurant, bar, shop, office, hotel, or warehouse is bright, spotless, and luxurious.
Polished concrete's reflective qualities may not only increase ambient lighting in any space but also lower energy costs, boost safety and provide the greatest possible protection for your company.

Cost Saving

Every building's foundation is made of concrete, so what better way to save money than to use it as flooring? In addition, you won't need any floor covering materials with polished concrete, which will cut down on maintenance costs and downtime for your business.

Sheen Levels

Polished concrete is the ultimate high-customized decorative flooring, with options ranging from a grind and seal for industrial sites and warehouses to a high-gloss mirror-like surface for Philadelphia commercial and retail properties.
To suit your requirements and décor, you can select the degree of stone exposure and gloss.

Polished Concrete Installation Process

Concrete grind and seal is an indigenous and affordable way to make your concrete floors look and feel new again. Any structurally sound concrete floor whether new or old can be sealed.

Concrete Grinding In Philadelphia

Grind it

We start by mechanically grinding the top layer of the concrete to remove any traces of old coatings, floor paint, dirt, oils and stains. At this time we are exposing the stone and creating a flat surface.

Concrete Repair In Philadelphia

Repair it

Once the concrete is back to a clean canvas, we repair any major holes and broken concrete joins. Some of these repairs might be visible once the floor has been polished. But don't worry they add extra charm to it.

Concrete Grind And Seal In Philadelphia

Polish It

Once the concrete has dried and solidified, we switch to resin pads and start polishing it with different grits until the desired gloss is achieved. The last procedures include cleaning, using stain protection, and burnishing the floor.

Our other concrete floor finishes

Concrete sealing is not what you are looking for?
We offer a range of decorative epoxy flooring, polished concrete and concrete repair services.

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